How To : Setup or email account on Windows 8

Follow the following steps to connect or email accounts to Windows 8 Mail App

Updated on 2 Oct 2013.  iCloud SMTP doesn’t authenticate if the username contains also. If your existing iCloud mail account already registered in Mail App on Windows 8 stopped working, then create a new account with the following instructions. If you are doing so, please ensure, on the Wizard which starts , you key in your email id instead of id.  If you continue the wizard with id, email sending will fail. Also, the SMTP port  has changed , instead of 25 use 587. Also SSL needs to be enabled for SMTP.

  1. Start Mail App
  2. Invoke Charms Bar by moving your cursor to the right edge of the Screen
  3. Select “Settings” then select “Accounts”
  4. Select “Add an account”, then select “Other Account”
  5. Select “IMAP”, Click “Connect”
  6. Key in your @iCloud email address and password on the respective fields
  7. Then click on “Show more details”
  8. On “Email User Name” field enter the iCloud id without the part. For e.g. if your id is, enter just abc . iCloud SMTP server fails authentication, if you enter the username with the part.
  9. On “Incoming (IMAP) email server” field key in
  10. Leave “Port” field entry  at 993
  11. Leave “Incoming server requires SSL” selected
  12. On “Outgoing (SMTP) email server” field key in
  13. Change “Port” field entry to 587
  14. Leave “Outgoing server requires SSL” selected .
  15. Leave “Outgoing server requires authentication” selected
  16. Leave “Use the same username and password to send and receive email” selected
  17. Click on Connect

Mail App will now complete the setup and sync your emails from your account

Once you see your mails from or, few more settings needs to be changed.

While you are in the newly setup account mail box in the App

  1. Invoke Charms Bar by moving your cursor to the right edge of the Screen
  2. Select “Settings” then select “Accounts”
  3. Click on your or from the list of accounts
  4. Scroll down to “Special Folders” section
  5. For “Sent Items” select “Sent Messages” from the drop down list
  6. For “Deleted Items” select “Deleted Messages” from the drop down list
  7. For “Junk” select “Junk” from the drop down list

That’s it. If you wish you can adjust the mail download interval and the timeline for which mails to be downloaded locally.


48 Comments on “How To : Setup or email account on Windows 8”

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  2. Cheryl Greenleaf says:

    Thank you!

  3. OGABOR says:

    does not work

  4. Baiju Mohan says:

    What’s the error message reported by Windows 8 Mail App?

    Please go through the steps once again, especially Step (13).

  5. Ron says:

    still cannot send emails, only receive

    • Baiju Mohan says:

      I assume you are trying to setup the account on Windows 8.

      Once again check the following settings for the outgoing mail server.

      –Change “Port” field entry to 25
      –Uncheck ”Outgoing server requires SSL”. This step is important, without which you will not be able to sent email as doesn’t use SSL connection for SMTP

  6. On Windows * Port stays on 995, can’t change to 993. Only other option is 110. Is this maybe the issue why I can make it work?

  7. Aaron says:

    Thank you .. it worked perfectly

  8. THE SEND aspect of my account QUIT WORKING THIS MORNING AT 4:30 AM!

    RECEIVE IS JUST FINE…Worked PERFECTLY since I discovered your article SUNDAY…



    • Baiju Mohan says:

      Please try reconfiguring your account with @me accounts have been phased out quite a while ago. You will still receive mails sent to in your mailbox.

      • lou says:

        Would it have worked as recently as yesterday afternoon? So, do I need to RESIGN UP and hope my icloud address is available or is it already safe…Also, can I STILL have people send email to

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        I assume you have setup your email account on Mail app on Windows8. For the time being leave it as it is. Add a new email account configuration on the Mail app. Use … as id instead of … Use the same password as your account. This should work and your current mails should appear in the app.

        Apple have reserved email address for those having , so let’s hope the id is available.

        Before trying this you could go to sign in using id and see whether emails are still available under those. It should be available there.

      • YES, I CAN SEE my emails when I LOGON to…password worked fine…But, when I tried to add the additional account, it said “CAN”T FIND SETTINGS FOR *username*”


        Email address: *username*
        Username: *username*
        Password: *********** (Same as account…which WORKED at

        Incoming server requires SSL….CHECKED

        Incoming (IMAP) email server—-993

        Outgoing (SMTP) email server—-25

        Outgoing server requires authentication….CHECKED
        Use the same username and password to send and receive email…CHECKED


        If so, that is TWICE in EIGHT DAYS they have done something to mess with OPERATING SYSTEMS of their users to prevent their product from working (Upgrade prevented MY IPAD from communicating with a BROADCAST TV device I used EVERYDAY for my LIVE TV SHOW).

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        Few changes required in your settings

        Use instead of

        And instead of For smtp use 587 instead of 25 as the port .

        Rest all the settings are fine as per your recent comment.

      • lou says:

        First of all THANK YOU for helping an idiot like me TRYING to get this email deal figured out…Made changes you suggested…still, the SEND mode of THIS EMAIL ONLY is not working…my & gmail accounts are working fine using the APP on this SURFACE PRO…4 more days to get this machine working before it will have to GO BACK to point of purchase. FYI…My IPAD & Iphone works fine with this account.

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        As you said this is not working. Just checked now on the windows machine.

      • Do you think it my machine, windows 8 or Apple? Should we try ? Tried DIRECTLY connecting (Not through the Exchange App) that worked for my MCHSI.COM account…Again, it failed…Should I try the OUTLOOK 13 APP?

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        Apple specific issue. is not reachable. A ping to the server returns error.

        No problem with your device.

        This is not working on Outlook 2013 either.

      • lou says:

        You are SOMETHING ELSE! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help…it is 8:14 PM where you are…WHERE IS THAT? I am in the MIDDLE OF THE USA in the middle of IOWA and it is almost 10 AM on the 28th of September…

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        Try with the following settings

        Port 993
        Ssl should be checked

        Port. 587
        Ssl should be checked

        Outgoing server needs authentication should be enabled.

        Email username should be just the id without the, for eg if your id is, enter just abc as the username.

        On outlook 2013, same settings, but the protocol should be TLS instead of ssl.

      • Baiju,

        Thanks for additional info…Looks like we are going to HAVE TO KEEP TRYING…
        Here is the latest…If I ADD my account to the APP on the SURFACE PRO…it will SEND but, NOT RECEIVE emails…the IMAP account will still RECEIVE but, not SEND…even with the new changes

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        Hi Lou – I tried the new settings on Windows 8 Mail app and it worked. So, believe it should work on Surface Pro.

        The username without is important, as with it, it doesn’t work.

        Can you post the settings you currently have?

      • HERE ARE ALL THE SETTING as they are on the “Other Account” area of the SURFACE PRO MAIL APP:

        Account name

        Your name

        Download new mail
        Every 15 minutes (AS THEY ARRIVE disappeared this morning)

        Content to sync
        “CHECKED” Email

        Automaticly download external images

        Use an email signature

        Preferred email address (No other option)

        Email username

        Incoming email server Port 993

        “CHECKED” Server requires SSL

        Outgoing email server Port 587

        “CHECKED” Server requires SSL
        “CHECKED” Outgoing server requires authentication
        “CHECKED” Use the same username and password to send and receive email

        Show email notifications for this account

        Special Folders

        Sent items
        Sent Messages

        Deleted items
        Deleted Messages

        Junk email

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        When you create the new account you start by specifying your icloud email id, ie, . You cannot sent mails using now. But your contacts can sent to your and you still will receive the mails at your account.

        The rest looks fine. I hope is a typo in the comment. Correct one is .

      • Oh, yes…In between Preferred email address and Email user name is Password:

        Preferred email address


        Emil username


        Password is *********** 11 characters long…On the settings, it shows up as ******** 8 characters long

        Is that a concern?

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        Password is fine. The number of * doesn’t have any relation to the actual password length once it’s saved.

      • lou says:

        I just changed the main EMAIL to @icloud…and then went to delete and it started reloading the stuff…and STARTED SENDING! I don’t know who you are or where you are…but, YOU ROCK Baiju!

        Should I delete my email w/ APP setting? It is not receiving anything…

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        Thank you Lou. Good to hear that it has started working.

        You can delete the earlier @me account configuration in Outlook, as your old emails are available on your new account configuration.

        It was basically a need for me to resolve this as it has stopped working for me also.

      • lou says:


        BAIJU….Don’t know WHO YOU ARE…or WHERE YOU ARE…But, YOU ROCK!

  9. lou says:

    I would normally say FORGET IT..But, this is my MAIN EMAIL and this machine will be my MAIN communication device…Thanks again!

  10. Desi says:

    I have tried all of the above and i cannot still send from my outlook

  11. If a ping on just times out, does that mean I should not be able to send email either? I am asking because I would like to setup my account on my new Surface through the Mail app.

    • Baiju Mohan says:

      The ping to will not return any response. But that doesn’t mean you cannot setup the mail app.

      The ping fails because the smtp server is setup to accept connections thru an encrypted channel.

      • Okay, I should have known that. Can we step through the outgoing email again? I’m confused with the different possibilities in the comments. I have the Email username as my username without the The outgoing email server is The port is 587. The server requires SSL is checked.The outgoing server requires authentication box is checked. Did I get all that correct?

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        David – the post was updated recently to account for some changes needed for sending mails. So the updated settings as mentioned in the post should work.

      • Baiju Mohan says:

        David – The update to the post was not made public earlier. Its now. You may follow the updated post to setup the account.

  12. I am pleased at your patience because this is amazing to me. I changed the Outgoing email server to (the port remains 587 and Server requires SSL is checked). The messages I have been unable to send remain in the Outbox, but a new email message successfully sent! It wasn’t too bad to re-create the stuck messages, send them, and delete the stuck messages. Thanks for your assistance!

  13. […] On Tuesday, October 22nd, I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. I had recently sold my Mac Mini and wanted to setup the Mail client to handle my address. I had done a bit of research and it sure looked like this was going to be fairly straight-forward. While it took four days of trial and error, it is now running successfully and I need to give thanks to Baiju Moran of the TechCurrents blog on WordPress. He was quite patient and even updated his How To post when Apple changed its SMTP server. For those of you interested, I would direct you to Baiju’s article. […]

  14. ASB says:

    I have been searching and trying for hours, and your instructions worked of all the ones I have found! Thank you! #solutionthatwiorks# !

  15. trevor says:

    Amazing, thank you!!

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