Tech Current #3 – Multimedia

HD Audio explained

How many of your are aware of the Audio aspect in High Definition? Many of us tend to limit our exposure to HD world in Video aspect only. Is this because of lack of awareness or plain ignorance. You ensure that you get the maximum screen size for your HD TV that your budget can afford. Did you ensured that you supplement that with a matching Audio setup? If your current Audio setup with multi-channel speakers doesn’t carry DTD HD or Dolby TrueHD , then that means your Audio setup is not on par with your video setup. Continue Reading ….

Dilemma of an Indian iTunes Store Fan

Apple quietly made available Music and Movies on India iTunes Store.  India users didn’t have any clue until the Apple Device users started receiving  mail notifications from Apple. Music collection on the store is not bad. Only problem,  ….For a person who likes to enjoy movies on his HDTV or Home Theatre, the current restriction is a real let down. On one side the tempting price and on the other side the lack of flexibility or choice in playing back your purchased movies. Continue Reading ….

Tip : Playing Media to Your Windows 8 from another DLNA Server

This post will give an Overview of what’s involved to Play media from a DLNA server on your network to your Windows 8 Desktop / a DLNA Media Render. This scenario will arise when you want to control a HTPC without going to the Desktop on the PC to interact with the Media Player.  You can use a DLNA DMC to interact with Windows Media Player or a DMR to playback media from your HTPC. Continue Reading ….

DLNA demystified

..During all these years there was a protocol for media sharing under development, which would help users in sharing media across connected devices. More than sharing it will have support of compatible devices talking to each other about its capabilities, and based on that the media is served.  And this technology would allow Entertainment devices to utilize technology without any complex software installations on the devices. Enter the world of Digital Living Network Alliance , aka DLNA.

 Continue Reading ….

Tip : Playing your media available on Windows 8 TO any connected Entertainment Device

Now a days its hard to find any entertainment device which doesn’t offer any network connectivity options. Your Wide Screen TV, Blu-ray player, AV Receivers, Media Players and your gaming devices like PS3 and XBox comes with either Ethernet or Wireless Connection.  If your TV , Blu-ray or media players support DLNA then you can stream media from your Windows 8 Desktop / Tablet to these devices. Continue Reading ….

Tip: How To play media available on Windows 8 FROM connected Entertainment Devices

Windows 8 can serve media available on it to connected Entertainment Devices. This makes it possible to enjoy your Videos or Photos on your living room wide-screen TV or play music on your networked AV Receiver. Continue Reading ….


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