Tech Current #2 – Windows 8

Windows Phone 8: How its going to penetrate the Enterprises?

Windows 8, both Desktop and Phone versions of the OS have been out for a while. Overall, the acceptance of the same has been favorable from the tech world. One area where Windows Phone 8 can shine is the Enterprise, due to multiple factors. We will use the following three key sections to analyse and find whether Windows Phone 8 can make an impact on the Enterprise landscape or not. Continue Reading ….

Windows 8 – another Vista?

I couldn’t find a better title for this post as that’s the comparison Windows 8 is receiving after its introduction by Microsoft. So will it be another Vista? Continue Reading ….

Getting your hands dirty with Windows 8

Inspiration to come up with this post is on the concerns found online on usability of Windows 8. Continue Reading ….

Tip : A Minimalistic built-in Start Menu on Windows 8

Biggest concern over Windows 8 was the absence of Start Menu or Start Button, which we were very much used to in earlier versions. A minimalistic Start Menu without fancy icons can be achieved without any third-party tools on Windows 8 Continue Reading ….

Tip : Sharing a Route using Windows 8

Windows 8 have tight Social Media Integration. Unlike other Operating Systems, there is consistency in the way this is implemented and can be invoked. From a user point of view, he can accomplish this using the same steps across all apps built for Windows 8. Continue Reading ….

Introducing Microsoft’s Bing Daily Newspaper*

*Sorry, if the title mislead you.  The name referred in the title is a misnomer for Microsoft Windows 8 News App.

It’s a news aggregator app from Microsoft developed for the Modern UI introduced in Windows 8. But different from other aggregators in the way the articles are presented & customization offered. Continue Reading ….

Upgrading Windows XP 32-bit to Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

Windows 8 is out and the users are busy utilizing the Upgrade Offers Microsoft has announced to help the switch with minimum burn on your pocket. I would say, its best to make utilize the offer for anybody running Windows XP / Vista. Continue Reading ….

Windows 8 – Usage log

5/Nov : Migrated from current Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation to Windows 8 Pro. Have to struggle a bit to put a 64-bit version on my 64-bit capable Desktop which was running 32-bit Evaluation version. Installation was smooth with no surprises. But the installation time was bit longer compared to Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Installation. Continue Reading ….

Tip : Playing your media available on Windows 8 TO any connected Entertainment Device

Now a days its hard to find any entertainment device which doesn’t offer any network connectivity options. Your Wide Screen TV, Blu-ray player, AV Receivers, Media Players and your gaming devices like PS3 and XBox comes with either Ethernet or Wireless Connection.  If your TV , Blu-ray or media players support DLNA then you can stream media from your Windows 8 Desktop / Tablet to these devices. Continue Reading ….

Tip: How To play media available on Windows 8 FROM connected Entertainment Devices

Windows 8 can serve media available on it to connected Entertainment Devices. This makes it possible to enjoy your Videos or Photos on your living room wide-screen TV or play music on your networked AV Receiver. Continue Reading ….

How To : Setup or email account on Windows 8

Follow the following steps to connect or email accounts to Windows 8 Mail App Continue Reading ….

Restore Ubuntu Boot Menu after Windows 8 Install

Most of us would like to utilize our Desktops for running multiple Operating Systems, which co-exist on our Hard Disk.  Each OS has its own boot-manager to help us in booting to our OS of choice during start-up.  Windows 8 also has the same, but some what partial in allowing us to use our favorite Ubuntu after Windows 8 install. Windows 8 hijack the boot record and puts its own boot manager. Continue Reading ….

Connect your Windows 8 App with your WebSite

Windows 8 in many ways have given different perspective on how far integration can exist between different Apps and your Social Media. Another not so well-known integration is in helping App Developers in connecting their Apps to the users Continue Reading ….

Upgrade from XP SP3/Vista/7 to Windows 8 Pro for Rs 1999

Windows 8 Pro is available as a Digital Download at Microsoft Site for Rs 1,999. You have an option to order a backup disk also during the online purchase process. Continue Reading ….

Pay more on an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 8 compared to upgrade from Windows XP/7

Microsoft posted details on upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro without a reinstall. The upgrade will also include Windows Media Center license. The upgrade comes at a price and seems to be higher compared to upgrading from your older Windows versions, ie. Windows XP or Windows 7. Continue Reading ….


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