Tip : Sharing a Route using Windows 8 Maps

Windows 8 Share Windows 8 have tight Social Media Integration. Unlike other Operating Systems, there is consistency in the way this is implemented and can be invoked. From a user point of view, he can accomplish this using the same steps across all apps built for Windows 8.

The Share option is available thru the Charms Bar

We will use the Windows 8  Maps App to demonstrate this. In that course we will also see how neatly it’s implemented.

  • Fire up the Maps app
  • Right Click with in the app
  • Select “Directions” from the Menu Bar appearing at the bottom
Directions Menu Bar in Windows 8 Map App

Directions Menu Bar in Windows 8 Maps App

  • Key in your Source and Target Destinations
Finding Directions in Windows 8 Map App

Finding Directions in Windows 8 Maps App

  • Generate the Route by clicking the button integrated with the Target Destination Field, Your Route will Appear in the Maps area with Directions
  • Invoke the “Charms Bar” by either Swiping in from the right  edge on your tablet screen  or by moving your mouse cursor to the right hand edge of the app on a Desktop
  • Select “Share” icon.
Windows 8 Charms Bar

Windows 8 Charms Bar

  • Select the Sharing App – Mail or People, We will use the Mail App in our demo
  • A Compose mail form appear at the right hand edge of the Screen
Windows 8 Share - Compose Mail

Windows 8 Share – Compose Mail

  • Select your Account that will be used for sending the mail
  • Key in your contact email id.
  • You can see that the message body is neatly populated with the Directions, a snapshot of the maps and snapshots of your source and targets.
  • Click on Send Mail to share the route thru email.

The above steps are applicable to other Apps built for Windows 8. Based on the App, what you are sharing will vary.


Alternatives to iOS 6 maps

Are you one of those unfortunate ones who is cursing Apple after updating your iPhone/iPad to iOS 6 ?

The much awaited iOS 6 update didn’t keep up to the expectation in promising a revolutionary replacement to Google Maps.
The new features which are announced are available only in selected countries. Also users have already reported map discrepancies. For users based in India it’s a different story altogether. Apple has failed to give even a basic mapping solution. The map data seems to be accurate on first look. But basic functionalities like routes and directions are missing as of now. What is frustrating is the basic features available in earlier Google supported map solution is not available for India users.
The situation will improve, but may take a while for India.
Need not worry , listed below are 3 alternatives which can fill the gap without any issues. The first two are not standalone apps, but rather web-based.

Follow the below steps to add app short cuts for Web App to your home screen.

  • Open the respective web URL in Safari.
  • Once the page loads, click on the arrow icon on the left side of the URL field.
  • Select ” Add to Home screen”. An icon will be placed on your Home screen after this step.
  • Allow permission to use your location by accepting the pop up that is displayed.







App/Web App?


Web App


Web App











Traffice Info
















Voice Based Navigation








Offline Mode








There are other solutions available for eg Waze. Try out and adopt which caters to your needs.
It needs to be seen how Apple is going to regain the confidence of the users who have already started switching to other map solutions.