So, Apple is re-inventing our portable TimePiece

What could be the next surprise product from Apple that would re-invent that product line ? Analysts and bloggers have been speculating about this for quiet a while.

Apple really need that. With enthusiasm on its iPhone declining, the company should waste no time in pulling back its depleting fan base.

An iTV has been doing the rounds for a while. But how innovative the design of that TV, it won’t  fly until you get content to deliver on that platform. And the core content generators are in no hurry to support something which could take away their major chunk of cash flow for them.

Here comes iWatch – An Apple designed Wrist Watch. The technology space is busy talking about how that product will look like and what features that would hold to wow the users. A recent news about the team that’s working on this product further reinforce the possibility of that.

Will Apple transform the Device to a multi-media / social device ?


Will it completely change the way we use our watches ?

Wait and watch. It’s guaranteed that the product will pack a few innovations , probably a solar-powered device without  a visible solar panel.


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