Whether Apple Passbook is getting typecast as a Coupon Aggregator?

iOS Passbook adaptation is gaining momentum. But its getting praise or criticism for a feature that’s one of its potential. During this process, the app is getting typecast as a Coupon Aggregator only platform.

The Passbook compatible coupon generator companies are diluting the real potential of Passbook. In their opinion, it’s just a coupon aggregator. They are right from their view-point, as who cannot ignore the revenues from coupon business. That’s just one angle to Passbook potential.  In this area,  a better way of servicing users should be pushing coupons tailored on Customer Shopping habits and Preference.

Customers should have the flexibility to subscribe to his areas of interest for which he would like to have coupons pushed.

People seems to be ignoring the possibility of multi use  Pre paid cash cards and gift cards which can be re deemed at outlets. Starbucks cards are an existing version of the same. The balance on the cards are updatable from a centralized application server. So, if that possibility exists why can’t cash cards or gift cards?

Banks could really look at this possibility – where a user uses a bank app or website, generate a Pre populated gift card or cash card which can be forwarded to a friend for use. ATM-s  can be tailored to accept this  cards for cash with-drawal – a wild imagination, but definitely possible as the Passbook doesn’t need a fancy NFC, just a bar code reader.

Passbook in no way replaces the existing Payment Gateway solutions from Credit Card Companies and it should never try to. These companies have built up on this solution and it has taken monstrous man years to achieve the level of integration and security. Apple cannot put a solution and infrastructure to match that in short time.

What really excites me is , this Passbook ecosystem is so easy for an establishment to join. Doesn’t need any additional infrastructure like NFC or anything and that’s what it differentiates it self from other solutions available now.

Do you agree or Disagree?  Post your comments.

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