Connect your Windows 8 App with your WebSite

Connect Your App with your Web Site in IE10

Connect Your App with your Web Site in IE10

Windows 8 in many ways have given different perspective on how far integration can exist between different Apps and your Social Media.

Another not so well-known integration is in helping App Developers in connecting their Apps to the users.

Currently the two ways of letting your users aware of your App developed for Windows 8 is when

  1. User browse the Windows Store and discover the app
  2. Putting your reference to the app on your website

How about giving App recommendations or switching to the App when user browse your website?

That’s what the Connect your App in IE10 does.

What this does is, when the user is browsing your website on IE App on Windows 8(not the Desktop Version of IE) , then the tool bar will alert the user about an app available to him. This could be an app that gives a Windows 8 Modern UI navigation to your Website or for Achieving something else, say and Bank advertising its mobile App.

When a matching app is found the Page Tools icon on IE 10 will change from Connect Your App to your Web Site in IE10

User can click on the Page Tool icon to either visit the App on Windows Store or launch the installed App. This feature is already available on iOS.

To achieve this the Developer needs to add few metadata in identifying the app and connecting to the site and app on the Windows Store. Any body inclined to utilize this feature can visit the Microsoft Blog for more details

Note : This implementation is only available on Windows 8 with IE10. It’s not supported on the Windows Phone 8. This feature will not work on Desktop Version of IE10 on Windows 8.


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