Upgrading Windows XP 32bit to Windows 8 Pro 64bit

Windows 8 Pro Pack

Courtesy : Microsoft

Note : As of now there is no easy way to achieve this.

Windows 8 is out and the users are busy utilizing the Upgrade Offers Microsoft has announced to help the switch with minimum burn on your pocket.

I would say, its best to make utilize the offer for anybody running Windows XP / Vista. As these versions are outdated and no active support from Microsoft for XP. The Price for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade is very much tempting – for India Users its Rs 1,999 without opting for Physical Media Back. This route is the online route where in you complete the purchase and installer is downloaded to your Desktop, which then goes ahead and do the upgrade.

But there are still some hiccups for XP users who are planning for an upgrade.

  • Doesn’t have an option to create an ISO version of the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade
  • Doesn’t allow to make a choice on a 64-bit Upgrade (this is the case for Windows 7 Users also)

And as usual work around exist. But beware, not easy.

If you plan  to upgrade your 32-bit XP to Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, then the following are involved.

Refer this link on the steps involved in completing the Purchase

  1. Complete your Purchase of Windows 8 Pro. Visit this url
  2. Microsoft will email you Order Summary when the purchase is complete
  3. Get to a Windows XP 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 Release Preview 64-bit / Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation 64-bit Machine and use the link in your email to Download the ISO
  4. Burn the ISO into a DVD
  5. Boot from the DVD and continue with the installation

Note : Upgrade  from XP 32-bit to Windows 8 Pro 64-bit will be a clean install

The step 3 is the important one and for many of us the impossible one .

You need to either take the help of your friend / install any of the Windows 8 64 bit Preview / Enterprise Evaluation on a spare desktop or on a Virtual Machine just for the Download.

Virtual Machine route is possible, but attempt only if you can allocate 2GB RAM and 24GB Virtual HDD for your Virtual Machine. A route which I tried and didn’t work as my Desktop RAM was only 2GB.

This entire confusion is because Microsoft checks the Desktop from which you initiate the Purchase/Download and Downloads only Installer matching the architecture of the Current OS running. ie, if you have a 64-bit hardware but the OS is 32 bit then the Installer downloaded is a 32-bit one. Microsoft should at least provide a choice during the entire process to select the needed installer. Any body whose desktop is less than 5 Years old should be having a 64-bit Hardware and the demand will be to run a 64-bit version.

The License you are purchasing is irrespective of the architecture, ie, it can be used for downloading, installing and running 32-bit / 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro.

So until Microsoft Provides a choice to select the architecture, XP users will have to go thru any of the current workarounds OR when making the Purchase, also buy the Backup Media. And this will cost additional Rs 1060 + Shipping Charges and a waiting Period of couple of days.


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