Hunt for a perfect Office Suite for Tablets

Reality strikes

A Desktop user, who gets his first tablet after playing it for while becomes aware that he is missing his favorite Office Suite. Then starts the search for solutions. Even though choices were plenty, most of them were marred with compromises of one another – compatibility issues, limited features or something else.


Innovative companies, who were aware of this problem faced by tablet users, started launching cloud based solutions of MS Office. But all of them were restricted to US or a few countries. When Nivio announced their cloud solution almost a year ago, I Pre-registered hoping that I’ll be one of the first ones from India who will be testing it out. But Nivio never launched in India, as of now. It seems to have not anticipated the licensing or legal aspects for making the service available in various countries.


Then Microsoft announced its WebApps for Office. Was happy knowing at least a genuine solution exists. Tried it out immediately, was happy, but working on a web page to edit your documents hindered the fluency you enjoyed on your Desktop.


And out of surprise, came across the news that CloudOn has launched globally. Downloaded the app from AppStore and I was using the app in no time. Went thru a quick registration process, enabled Google Drive and attached to CloudOn and I was working on my favorite Office Suite in 10 minutes.
The implementation is pretty neat; no lag while drafting even though the cloud was powering it. Customized keyboard reminds me of the Desktop version. iOS keyboard could have hindered the experience, but the CloudOn keyboard is a well thought out Desktop replica. The special keys you use normally on a desktop or laptop are available.

Otherwise you would be missing your TAB key very badly when using Excel. Arrow keys provided also helps in navigating Excel. Double tap selects a word. Touch and swipe selects text or cell range. Long press brings your mouse right-click context menu. Use Pinch to zoom in or out. You will not be missing your ribbon menu. The basic and advanced features needed to get your job done are already present.

Even if Microsoft doesn’t launch its tablet version of MS Office, I wouldn’t be bothered.

Nice Touches

• In no time you are using your office applications
• Quick registration
• Support of popular cloud storage solutions
• Customized keyboard
• Neat implementation of touch gestures for common actions
• Doesn’t feel like a stripped out version
• Global availability
• Intuitive interface


  • Always-on Internet connectivity to work on your documents

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