Introducing Microsoft’s Bing Daily Newspaper*

*Sorry, if the title mislead you.  The name referred in the title is a misnomer for Microsoft Windows 8 News App.

It’s a news aggregator app from Microsoft developed for the Modern UI introduced in Windows 8. But different from other aggregators in the way the articles are presented & customization offered.

The concept used,  reminds me of Google+ Sparks feature.  Sparks was nothing but a pre-defined Google Search. You key in your Search Keyword, save it, Google+ gives you a list of Web pages, news or Blogs from the Web. The presentation was crude. This is where the News app is different

Right Click at any point on the app and select your View from Top Tool bar

App Layout

The design is similar to a “paper” edition. The content is specific to the region you are in.  You have non-customizable and customizable content layout & sources

 The Non-Customizable falls under “Bing Daily”

The Customizable are under “My News” and “Sources”

News App - News Views

News App – News Views

 Bing Daily

This view is similar to your Paper Version. The news are categorized under the following sections

  • Top Story
  • Headlines
  • Country Specific
  • World
  • Entertainment
  • Business

 Clicking on the Title of the section navigates you to more news under the section

Section View

Section View

Click on the Article snapshot, the source page opens in full screen.

My News

This section is customizable. You can add a new section based on a Topic and have news, articles, web pages aggregated under it. The snap shot below shows the sections created based on my requirement

My News View

My News View

Scroll to the extreme right end of My News view to find the shortcut to add a new Section

Type in the keywords and click on Add. Your Newly created section appears along with the matching items in the My News  View

Adding A Section

Adding A Section

A Newly Created Section

A Newly Created Section

You can pin a Section to the Home Screen.

Right click on the screen when you are in a section, select “Pin to Start” from the bottom Tool Bar.


This view presents you with news sources collaborating with Microsoft. Click on news source of your interest to start reading articles provided. News sources are updated time to time by Microsoft. You can also pin a News Source to Start Screen.

News App Sources

News App Sources

So that was a quick introduction on the Windows 8 News App. Please share any thing interesting you find while using the app.


3 Comments on “Introducing Microsoft’s Bing Daily Newspaper*”

  1. […] seems to have improved. So is the Navigation menus when your right-click with in the app. Earlier when you right-click, the top menu bar which appears have additional items available are drop down. Now the same is […]

  2. Mohsin Babbar says:

    How do I change country news in Microsoft Bing Daily at Windows 8. I want to change it to Pakistan but the option doesn’t appear. Please suggest.

    • Baiju Mohan says:

      Try visiting on the browser and see whether news specific to your location is appearing in the browser. If you are seeing location specific news then by allowing the News app to use your location data should show country specific news in the app. To do this , when you are in the News App, invoke the Charms bar, choose “Settings” then “Permissions” and toggle ON the option “Location” .

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