Tech Currents at a glance

Posts on this blog are broadly categorized as below. I term  series as “Tech Current”. Find below the “Tech Currents” available at this point of time.

  • TECH CURRENT #1 : iOS Passbook – The Passbook App was announced in iOS 6 by Apple.  IMO this will evolve into a Digital Wallet with an ecosystem revolving around it.  This series captures all posts relating to Passbook , I have written on this Blog.
  • TECH CURRENT #2 : Windows 8 – Microsoft has vested high hopes on their next iteration of OS for Mobile and Desktop Platform – The Windows 8. The OS as such is fresh on UI with excellent improvement at the core. It has its own wave of controversy in the Tech World. This series comprises evaluation on whether Windows 8 will be a success or failure, introduction to the new UI and Tips.
  • TECH CURRENT #3 : Multimedia – Our Desktops and Smartphones have evolved, moved and positioned themselves with other Entertainment devices like TV, Music Systems, DVD/Blu-ray players. This series explores posts which will help you to get most out of your Desktops and Phones in enjoying your favorite media.
  • TECH CURRENT #4 : Project Management – A Series of Posts centered around Best Practices, Tips and Tools on Project Management.

Feedbacks are Welcome

I aim to have this blog  a two-way forum.

If your came to this blog looking for an answer to an issue you are facing and couldn’t find the answer, please post the query as a comment .


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